Social Media Standards

Open Source Single Sign On Solution

Was ist FOAF

FOAF Project (Friend of a Friend)

FOAF (Intro)
Artikel, Wikipedia

PeoplesDNS DNS, FOAF Projekt

DiSo Project, Distributed Social Networking

Open Grid Protocol
Initiative zur Aggregation von Virtual Reality Services

Open Source Social Networking Standard

Activity Streams

Pulsar, Fraunhofer Institut
Synchronized Multi User Realtime Experience Solution

XHTML Friends
Suchmaschine fuer Seiten mit XFN Integration
Interoperability Initiative fuer Social Media Standards

Projekt zur Entwicklung von Drag & Drop Funktionen im Social Web

Portable Contacts

Social Beans
Skeleton Portability

APML, Attention Profiling MarkUp Language

GMPG, Global Multimedia Protocols Group
XFM (Friends Network), XMDP (XHTML Meta Data Profiles)

Identity Commons
Open Identity, Relationships

iTags Tagging Erweiterungen

Move my Data
Copyright Projekt fuer User generated Content

Social Network Protocol, Aggregation Services

Link / URL Sharing Standard, Open News Network Peer News Project

SIOC, Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities
Integration von Daten im Social Web

Markup Language fuer Social Media Monitoring
Feature, smartRealm

Structured Blogging deutschsprachige Seite zum Thema Erweiterungen, Standards

Comparing Media RSS Formats
Information, W3C

RDF Rich Site Summary (RSS)
Information, OASIS

API Authentification

OPML Wikipedia Artikel

OML Wikipedia Artikel

XOXO Wikipedia Artikel deutschsprachige Seite zum Thema

Microformats Wiki

Why Microformats

Technorati Microformats Search

Ping Tool fuer Microformats

World Wide Web Consortium Releases First Version of GRDDL Specification
Gleaning Resource Descriptions from Dialects of Languages (GRDDL)
Pressemitteilung, Paper (microformats): GRDDL WG, W3C